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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix_400 View Post
    Yeah, you don't really get the falling feeling. All you really feel is the wind rushing around you. My 1st time falling out the back of plane was kind of disorienting. All I could hear was the wind around me and when I opened my eyes I thought for a split second that I was watching the plane spin down and away from me. Wasn't 'till my chute opened that I got reoriented and realized I was spinning down and away from it.

    Once the chute opens, it feels a lot more like you're floating. Its like this huge adrenaline rush going out of the plane, then your chute opens and all of a sudden its very tranquil.

    I'm not the best authority on this though. I'm hoping to go skydiving once life slows down a little. I've been out of a plane more than a dozen times, but only for the military and never from any higher than 1200ft. T-10D chute brings you down a helluva lot faster than a civilian chute too. Tell ya now, paratroopers get jealous watchin' how civilian skydivers land. LOL!
    Quote Originally Posted by foolish heart View Post
    This is true, and the gut feeling of falling itself lasts less than a second. After that it's just an immense feeling of air pushing against your whole body. It takes a couple seconds to adjust to that and then the fun begins. Once the parachute opens, you're only falling at about 5-15 mph so it's fairly peaceful.

    If you're afraid of heights, you may be able to avoid that panic by talking with your tandem partner or other people in the plane. It helps take your mind off it and you'll quickly see that repeat jumpers dont really have time to be afraid because they are getting ready for the fun and thrill.

    I would highly suggest this activity to anyone who hasn't tried it! It's 10 times as fun as it looks and 10 times less frightening than you would imagine! Also, statistically safe, especially going with a tandem partner with a lot of jumps under their belt.
    I've been twice, both tandems. Admittedly I'm a bigger guy and way more.

    I felt light-headed both times and spent the rest of the day on the couch feeling light-headed and like semi-crap. Even all my yogic breathing, which I can undo headaches with!, didn't help much. Thats an ear pressure thing though. Some people get it, some [probably most?] don't

    I quoted the above, cuz I UTTERLY disagree about the sensation of falling. When wind is smacking your face and all of the rest of your body at like 90mph or whatever, how on earth do you all NOT feel that? That and "oh look, the ground is getting a lot closer!!!"

    Overall I enjoyed it, other than inner ear pressure issues, but it was blatantly obvious the ENTIRE time that you are falling. I guess 300+lbs fall's pretty quickly [tandem] ...

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    Do it, do it!! It's a really fun (but expensive) hobby, and it's not like a roller coaster where you have that "lurch" sensation. At first yes, but then you're floating, though you feel the wind, but it's that stomach-jump that isn't there. If I make sense. And it's a lot of fun to look down and see the acceleration. Seeing the little details down below come at you and get bigger... woooo

    Start with tandem though.
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    I've said it before, and I'll say it again.. one of these days.. there must be an, uh, ''official'' TypeC Skydiving Meetup.

    yeah..that might prove entertaining/interesting for a pretty broad variety of reasons..
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    I found it to be a really peaceful experience. You feel like you're the only person in the world. Just you and the sound of the wind rippling past the chute. You mentioned being afraid of heights. Once you get up there you are so far above everything you have no perspective of height. I found the scariest thing was the plane ride up to elevation. I don't like flying all that much.

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