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    And yet, I wonder what is in the materials that the Chinese now use to print our books. Hmmm. Is anything really all that safe?

    The only time I've had anything visibly rub off on my fingers was when I was reading a great deal of cheap mass-printed paperbacks. The ink would get off on my fingers and stay there forever. :/ And mind that these were new paperbacks.

    Edit: some more information:

    Study Showing No Lead In Books Mostly Done In China - News Story - KIRO Seattle

    CBC News - Books - Lead is feared in children's books

    But Jay Dempsey, a health communications specialist at the CDC, said lead-based ink in children's books poses little danger.

    "If that child were to actually start mouthing the book — as some children put everything in their mouths — that's where the concern would be," Dempsey said. "But on a scale of one to 10, this is like a 0.5 level of concern."

    I wonder how readers from the 15th-20th centuries ever survived lol.
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