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    Default Before Sunrise/Sunset

    These are an interesting sequel of films. The first is more memorable but I found the second to be much tighter, deeper and superior.

    What are your impressions on the main characters MBTI type. It seems like they changed or their were multifaceted MBTI types.

    Jesse: Outwardly ESTP (under the surface seemed more ENTP)

    Celine: INFx (seemed more INFP in the first film and second seemed to make the rather extreme fluctuations between INFP and INFJ

    For those who have seen the movie, what are your thoughts.
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    No way...Jesse is ENFJ, very Fe-dom.
    Celine is NFP....most people say E, but I could see I (with the caveat that she's exceptionally comfortable with Jesse because they've made an unusual connection). She is most definitely Fi over Fe.

    I pretty much died after watching these movies. My life is ruined forever.
    But yeah, I like the sequel better as well, because it has that tinge of tragedy, whereas the first was all hopeful.
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