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  • Yes - I have Fi as my dominant, secondary, tertiary or inferior function.

    16 35.56%
  • Yes - I have Fe as my dominant, secondary, tertiary or inferior function.

    9 20.00%
  • No - I have Fi as my dominant, secondary, tertiary or inferior function.

    9 20.00%
  • No - I have Fe as my dominant, secondary, tertiary or inferior function.

    5 11.11%
  • Never watched it therefore no opinion

    6 13.33%
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    Feline Member kelric's Avatar
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    I don't really go for the whole functional model, but as an INTP I answered that I enjoyed it as an Fe user (I believe that's the prevailing functional choice, anyway).

    I wasn't completely crazy about it (I wouldn't put it in my "all time favorite shows list") -- I originally started watching it at the beginning of the first season when I thought it was legitimately about people who were stranded on an island and needed to work together to survive the elements (sort of like a group version of Cast Away). So I was a little nonplussed when the polar bear came chugging out of the jungle .

    So I didn't watch it religiously or anything, but if I was around and not doing something else I'd turn it on and keep track of it, more or less. Which means that I probably watched 80-90% of the episodes, especially in the last season or two when I had easy DVR'ing available.

    Why did I enjoy it? I think that in general it had intriguing (if not altogether coherent) storylines, a fair number of characters that I really liked (Hurley, Sun, Jin, Juliet, Sawyer, Vincent (of course!) and even Jack and Kate... sometimes), some great acting (Michael Emerson as Ben and Terry O'Quinn as Locke, particularly) and a certain endearing craziness. And some pretty great Hawaiian scenery.

    In the end, I tend to like long, involved, complex stories that I can put myself into a sort of "if I was there, what I'd do / adventurer" mode. Lost, while weird and practically unfathomable at times, fit that bill pretty well.

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    Thanks for your thoughts Kelric.
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    I started out with so much potential.. I watched about the first 20 or episodes religiously (rare for me)

    Then it just got really annoying and I haven't seen it in about 3 years.
    I can't stand Matthew Fox.. or at least His character in that show..
    Maybe if dies .. I would check out the final episode.

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    I loved it and if I get the chance I'm going to get watch all of it again marathon style to see if it makes more sense that way. I love character driven stories, though, and even if it doesn't make sense, I'll always love Juliet and Sayid and Hurley.

    My INTP husband, OTOH, hated the show. The music alone was enough to drive him batty, so a lot of times I watched episodes on my computer with my headphones on so as not to disturb him.
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    Reason vs Being ragashree's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeaceBaby View Post
    P should love it in theory ... all the possibilites, no?
    I'm HOPING that's facetious!

    Quote Originally Posted by kelric View Post
    So I was a little nonplussed when the polar bear came chugging out of the jungle .
    I'm glad I didn't see that, my suspension of disbelief would have blown a fuse...
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    Yeah I also liked the characters Ben and Lock. Sawyer and Miles were fun to watch too Prediction: the team will have a cop show spinoff which will last two seasons.

    Wasn't thrilled with the female cast although Kate wasn't bad most of the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgar View Post
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    I really enjoyed the first.. 3 seasons? But after the 3rd. it all when down the crapper.

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    never really watched it... my ISTJ never missed an episode

    I saw the whole end of it (meaning the whole recap and then the show)... well, it was on when I was in the room... and something about it reminded me of the end of The Chronicals of Narnia in a way I'm not much for watching something that complex though, so I never felt tempted to watch it
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    I watched the first three Seasons and came back for the finale =)
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    The first season was boring. It started to get interesting in the second season. After the Oceanic 6 left the island (the fourth season?), I felt like the show had a drop off, but at that point I was invested in it enough that I stuck with it.
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