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    Default Yu Yu Hakusho MBTI Types

    I've been searching the internet looking for a definitive list that was actually accurate, but all i can find is a bunch of people who have no idea what they're talking about, and insist upon speaking like they do.

    The main idea here is to also give REASONS why we think the way we do, so as to come to a general consensus. thank you

    Yusuke - ESTP
    - classic definition of an ESTP. the "doer" , the "bad-boy"Yusuke definitely lives in his Se. He takes things literally for what they are and lives in the present through his 5 senses. He makes decisions based on logical thought patterns, a clear T, and on top that works out these thoughts in his internal world Ti. He does have sudden spurts of compassion though (his tertiary Fe), and when it comes to careful and meticulous forethought and big-picture viewing, hes often left in the dust (inferior Ni)

    Kuwabara - ESFJ or ENFJ (help please)
    The big problem for me here is the s versus n. He is clearly an EFJ, he makes decisions based on his feelings and centers himself upon goals and morals. He has an unshakable moral value system and fights for love and honour. Now i would intially think he is an iNtuitive, because of his literal ability to go beyond the 5 senses. He senses spirits etc and gets "hunches or feelings" about situations, but at the same time, usually lacks insight into a present situation, furthering the idea that he is more detached and in the clouds than an s. neverthelesss he does exhibit strong sensing qualities.

    Hiei - ENTJ
    sure, he spends time alone in the wilderness, but this guy is basically the definition of ENTJ. goal/task oriented, gives no weight to emotions and makes every decision off of pure logical analysis, and quick to see the relationships between different opportunities and events. I get the ENTJ especially from his determination to "share" his NTJness with the world by taking it over (during his first encounter with Yusuke) and he definitely lives primarily in his Extroverted Thinking, not circumspect in saying what he thinks regardless of people's (especially kuwabara's) feelings.

    strangely enough these are two separate personalities and identities
    Suichi Minamono (human form) - INFP
    - idealistic, guided by a moral compass, isn't hesitant to share his feelings on a subject and makes many decisions based off of his F, concerned with those around him. Now, Kurama is a very interesting character as his two identities are not completely separate. In fact, as it is the newer personality it forms a sort of thin covering over his initial self the:

    Yoko Kurama (demon form)- INTP (or xNTP)

    Indeed this comes out in some aspects of his human form. Even though his human form is guided by his feelings, the Ti will sometimes shine through, revealing clues as to the original identity of Kurama. "Cold and calculating" holding back brash actions, controlling his emotions and showing patience in planning, Yoko is the epitomy of an INTP. At the same time, guided by his Ti, where he formulates all of his plans, he still shows a remarkable ability to connive and manipulate the situation in the manner of the xNTP. He has the ability to plan multiple steps ahead (N) and questions the world around him as an intp does. I first thought him to be an ENTP, besides the more obvious representation of the FOX (the ENTP's animal), he has an uncanny ability to persuade others and have them join in his causes. his E shows in his power to charm others aswell as his desire to influence his external world by robbing excessively, and impact the world around him, confirm his role as an ENTP. My solution was to merge the two, as he does live prmiarily in the state of INTP, but does show significant flashes of ENTP-dom in his interactions and manipulations with others. The XNTP - a mix of both

    More coming soon, i grow tired

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    Please know that i adore this series, and would appreciate any thoughts you have on it. I want nothing more than to understand it and know if i am wrong in any regard

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    Hiei = either INTJ or ISTJ. NOT an E.

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