Does anybody else remember this game show? I saw it once a long time ago...It's called "The chamber" and it was a very short-lived show that aired in 2002 on FOX.

The show involves the contestants enduring extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, along with other distractions such as wind gusts and simulated earthquakes. While this is going on, they must answer as many questions as possible. The game ends when the contestant makes it through all 7 levels, misses two questions in a row, exceeds a predetermined "danger zone" of stress for 20 seconds, or asks to call off the game.

I only recently found a video of it online: The Chamber | Scott Brown | Free Entertainment Videos - Watch Entertainment Videos Online | Veoh

The show only lasted for three episodes before it went off the air for fairly obvious reasons. I barely have anything to say about what I thought of this show. The commentary at the end of the video speaks for itself.

Wish the quality could've been a bit better in the last couple levels, but hey, I guess you can't get everything you want out of life.