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    Rented the game. Its pretty awesome. So far not too difficult (which I tend to prefer, at least at the beginning, to allow myself to get into the story.). Something about just riding a horse around the Old West landscape which is invigorating.

    Also opened up my appreciation for Westerns (movies). Just saw the Outlaw Josey Wales again and I forgot how the movie is both very poignant and 'funny'.
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    Westerns are some of the best movies around, by far. Both versions of "3:10 to Yuma" are excellent. And don't forget John Wayne. " The Sons of Katy Elder" and " The Searchers" are incredible.

    I detest new video games, but some of the Western related ones actually didn't look that bad.

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    ^You've got me in the mood to go on a Western watching rampage now.

    My dad has read just about every Louis L'Amour book out there, and I've not read a single one. I've always been kind of tempted though.

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