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    Quote Originally Posted by Uberfuhrer View Post
    No, I got Half-Life 2: Episode Two from Steam. If you get it retail, you can only get it through The Orange Box. Episode Two by itself was $20, the entire set was like $50 at the time. But nothing else was of interest so I downloaded Episode Two because that's the only one I wanted. And I already had Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One, which I do believe are also part of The Orange Box. And I couldn't care less about Team Fortress 2 or Portal. So why would I waste the extra money on them?
    I waited on purchasing Ep 2 because I wanted Portal and Ep 2, but didn't want to pay $50 for a package including 2 games I already had . . . finally caved over the weekend, as Ep 2 is now $30 by itself, and Portal is $20 by itself--figured I might as well get the package with TF2 for "free." Portal is . . . well, there's a reason everyone is talking about it. Speculating on the possibility of a portal gun in HL2E3, Portal could even be seen as a requirement to get acclimated to how you can use a portal gun.

    I haven't tried TF2 yet . . . wanted to try it today, but I uninstalled the original Half-life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source because I was getting dangerously low on disk space . . . and, behold! When I went to start TF2, I had to download 1.5gb of what I had deleted. Ah well . . . will try it out tomorrow

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    If Portal was implemented as part of Episode Two then it would have been worth it.

    And I do NOT play multiplayer. It's a pointless waste of my time.

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    Hrmm. Am I the only console gamer here? (sobs)

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    Heh, this thread is three years old but it still applies. PC games have really dropped off except for MMO's, facebook games or simple flash games. The games on the Xbox360, PS3 & PSP do not have too much variety between them. It's mostly just Nintendo that is providing the way for innovative games at this point. All the games that seem to be trying something new are on the DS or Wii.
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