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    So I know Halo is one of the most overrated game franchises to have ever come to light, mostly because of how innovative the first game was and how it snowballed into something larger, but I recently started to play the Beta just to try it out.

    In all honestly, it feels like what should have been Halo 3, and Halo 3 seems more like Halo 2.5. They have new abilities that are preset with each combat class, like invisibility, jump packs, and overcharging armor shields. It's all pretty entertaining and dynamic with new weapons and game modes, but I'm really lacking in my motivation for gaming in general. I mean... for social purposes it can be a blast, but most games these days are too understimulating for me because I either master them too quickly or they simply fall flat.

    And just like Halo Reach, many games just seem to piggy back off of older franchises, which sometimes confines them to the same engines or general gameplay mechanisms. It's all just designed to keep you buying more products, regardless of how far the quality has been glossed.

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    I loved the first game. Nothing was funnier than jumping around with a flag, whacking people to death, who are shooting at you with guns, on your way back to your flag. Haha, and then you get the car and run people over until you get grenaded. You could go on an assault and see how many you can run over before someone lands a grenade next to the car. Great game

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