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    You'd be surprised to learn that there are a lot of fans who love McNabb and are sad to see him go. I'm one of them. If anything, I would have sent the Big Pig Andy Reid on his way and kept McNabb. It was a money move that sent him on his way. It made more sense, economically, to send him packing. So while I hate the move, I understand why it happened.

    McNabb does get a bad rep here for his stands on TO, and some of the other decisions made. He is definitely a company man, and won't say or do much to cause controversy. While people consider him a sellout, he has his integrity at the end of the day. It has kept him going 11 years strong in the NFL, while those talkers and nay-sayers have faded into obscurity. A lot of the stuff he was in the middle didn't involve him directly. The media looks at QBs as leaders, so he is involved by that reason.

    Just like the media focuses on those negative fans who are glad to see him go. Not the actual case though.
    Yeah, there are. I'm one of them, too. And you're right that Andy never did him any favors. I always got mad when he'd pass 65-70% of the time when McNabb played and then call a more balanced offense when the backups were in (no wonder the offense looked good, dur!)

    I was always flabbergasted when fans took TO's side in that thing. At the outset most fans took McNabb's side, but when they had the bad season in '05, it seems more people took up for TO because they missed his production. Which is kind of convenient and irresponsible, in my opinion.

    I'm still not convinced that McNabb's fans are a silent majority though. WIP had that city whipped into a frenzy, and by the end it seemed like the McNabb haters were the majority. I fervently hope Kolb is everything these people seem to think he is, but I just think it's a huge roll of the dice to gamble on it when you have a bunch of offensive talent coming of age at the same time like we do.

    Oh well, I've used up too much bandwidth already talking about this
    Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight.


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    This could have happened anywhere, but God damn...

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    Once the Athens of America...

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