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    Default Fire spell diversity in computer games

    Fire Spells need to hire more minorities and women.

    Actually, this has to do with the lack of diversity of effects and types of spells that fire spells seem to have. Whereas earth, cold, air, holy, etc. types in seem to have lots of different types of effects, and lots of ways they in theory are doing those effects (air, for instance, has wind, lightning, temperature changes, etc.), fire types often end up as variation of fireballs and flames causing damage in various ways. This thread is just for other types of stuff that fire associated spells in computer games could do and still make sense.

    One thought I had, for example, was for fire to get associated with bright light and blindness types of effects. One computer game I saw had fire associated with confusion effects, though that could be harder to pull off in some cases.

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    Maybe one can focus on how fire can be used over the different types of fire. Of one, fire is one of the most flexible and malleable elements around... people just have very uncreative ways of using it.

    Fire is the only element that can spread by itself... why this has not been utilized in most games is a mystery to me.

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    Heroes III has fire blinding and bloodlusting, off the top of my head. I'm sure there's others.

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    1. Having the ability to douse someone to increase its effect. E.g. Gasoline

    2. Maybe an AoE fire would cause one to loose breath? E.g. Endurance reduction or as if one is drowning: Citing Half-life as my source, one can drown resulting in death but for every point of damage one would receive from drowning, one would heal it overtime if one made it to the surface to breath.

    3. If consumed by flames, the following effects occur: subject's run speed increases substantially, subject becomes feared and blinded and subject emotes agony uncontrollably.

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    Warm, gentle healing flames.

    White holy beam flame.

    Inferno red fire.

    Magical blue flame.

    Life-granting green flame.

    Shadow Violet Flame and Black Flame.
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    Neverwinter nights had a number of them. Not different kinds of flame, just different applications for it.

    1. Fireball/Firebrand/Meteor Storm: Typical, bang
    2. Wall of Fire/Incindiary Cloud: Static, placeable flames that last for a while and burn anything that enters or stays inside
    3. Fire Shield: Wreathes the wizard in fire, any who attack them take fire damage if they hit successfully
    4. Combust: Sets the target on fire, they burn and keep taking damage
    5. Fire Elementals: Form of...A DUDE!
    6. Flame Weapon: Adds fire damage to a weapon, which someone competent can then use (wizards are never competent with weapons, for some reason)
    7. Warmth: From Diablo II, regenerates mana
    8. Fire Charm: Causes a fire to become hypnotic, placing all who see it into a dumbfounded trance
    9. Parting the Flames: Teleportation that moves from one existing fire to another like a gateway
    10. Passion: C'mon, fire's always associated with gettin' it on somehow
    11. Fire gazing: staring into the fire to scry, receive augries, etc.
    12. Flaming Motorcycle: Ghost Rider! Fuck Yeah! ....ehhh, right, I'm done.
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