This is the first season I've watched and the only reason I'm watching it is the line up this season. Not sure who I'm hoping wins yet.

Anyone else watching this?

Line up

Soap star Aiden Turner- no clue who this dude is
Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin- lolz!
NFL star Chad Ochocinco- no idea who this is haha
ESPN host Erin Andrews- hawt chick on espn
Olympic skating champion Evan Lysacek- is this the gay dude? i don't know.
Bachelor star Jake Pavelka- no idea who this is
TLC star Kate Gosselin- lmao! ps: she sucks!
Pop star Nicole Scherzinger- she's pretty good.
Comedienne and host Niecy Nash- i like neicy but not sure she's gonna win. put the burgers down girl!
Actress and model Pamela Anderson- I pammy.
Actress Shannen Doherty- she's kind of a mess but whatevs.