It is Trinity who inspired this post, bu it is something I have been giving quite a lot of thought to lately:

Does anyone believe the idea of the Matrix isn't too far off?

I believe to a large extent we do create our own reality. It also feels right to me that this world is an illusion (no, I do not have proof! I am sharing my ideas/thoughts/ please do not jump in and ask for proof) the reasons I believe this are the following:

I have seen that if I believe in something strongly, it happens. For example, I told family and friends that I would know who I would marry in 6 months or less. I met my husband that night. I decided I wanted to be a life coach and within a month I got my 1st client.

I believe this world is an illusion because it makes intuitive sense to me that there is a greater purpose here. My husband can argue this with me, but he says we cannot prove that I am wrong (or right). :p

I was interested in others thoughts, opinions, and feelings on the matter...and on what makes you believe what you believe.

Please, let's make this an open, non-confrontational post! I mean, please debate the issue, but with respect and love for one another. I am sensitive to conflict and I would hate to have begun one! I am simply interested in others opinions and beliefs and the reasons behind them...hope that's not too much to ask?

Thanks for participating


p.s. Should this be in the philosophy section? I have a difficult time categorizing things... :p