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    Default The horror of the White Man

    I was watching Deadliest Warrior and there was a battle between William Wallace and the king of the Zulus and they were debating which would strike the more intimidating figure or inspire the other with menace.

    I wondered about this because I'm familiar with some of the horror of white men at encountering black people for the first time, describing them as savages etc. but is there any recorded horror reaction on the part of coloured people from their first contact with white people? I think that either the Japanese or Chinese where horrified by first contact with White Spaniards and may even have crucified some of their priests.

    I also remember in history class some amusing pictures of "white devils" blowing out smoke from a culture which never knew of smoking but I dont remember which culture that was.

    Its not entirely a racial thing in the example from Deadliest Warrior because the Scots clans, particularly the highlanders were meant to terrify even disciplined soldiers right up to and including their final defeat at Culloden moore.
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    In WWI they called the kilt-wearing Scottish-Canadian troops the ladies from hell...I think that had more to do with their crazy fighting skillz though more than their looks.

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    In college, my GF went to study in Zimbabwe fro 6 months. She told me a story of going to a small native villlage, and some of the smaller children screaming in terror at the sight of her: 5 feet tall, green eyes, blondish, long hair. They had never seen a white person before.
    The GF ended up living there for 4 years.

    that's all I have.

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    I assumed this thread was going to be about this guy:

    "You know, with Hitler, the more I learn about that guy, the more I don't care for him."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    I think that either the Japanese or Chinese where horrified by first contact with White Spaniards and may even have crucified some of their priests.
    In the case of the Japanese, I'm not aware of that happening at first. It was only later on during the Tokagawa suppression of foreign influences did that begin to happen.

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    The Japanese did (and occasionally still do) refer to all westerners as barbarians.

    This went on from the introduction of western culture via the exploration of Portuguese explorers and Jesuit missioraries, up until the mass westernization of the Meiji revolution.
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    well....since white men(people) get blamed for everything by ethnicities, generally speaking and referring to the racits, I would fear them from all of the misplaced guilt that they harbor and stereotypes of inferiority that are thrown in their face.

    However, seeing as no one is better than the other, and we are genetically the same, the horror of white men is the rest of humanities horror - a burden we must bear for our brother and show him that such things are hearsay and poppycock
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    I don't think that any of us alive today can truly contextualize this idea. Anything that you can imagine, you just type it into a Google search or into Youtube and there is a 99% change you will find an image of it nowadays. So, anything has become plausible.

    Back in those days, if you saw something that vastly different from your experience, or what you had heard passed down in stories, you could truly believe that what you were seeing was otherworldly in some way. I suppose we could experience this ourselves if something like an alien visitation occurred...
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