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    Default basketball as a metaphor for life?

    anyone subscribe to this notion? thoughts?

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    "This is not to say that basketball is a religion. It is better than religion. It is a gift and a pure allegory. Whatever local moralities I wish to assign to it, I may, and so may you, as you and I gaze down through the lens of hoops into the old barbarity that the game has elevated into joy. In doing so, of course, we recognize that the rules that once elevated us into joy now govern us. Still, in the complexity of the game, there is the promise of solutions as daring as Doctor J's. And they are personal solutions, because my basketball is not your basketball, and you are not me." - Dave Hickey

    any basketball players here? i desire to be illuminated.

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    i don't know, i think that quote you posted is a little heavy.
    but i love basketball, i play it all the time.

    i do feel a kind of release when i play basketball, everything just sort of melts away. i feel a kind of blissful happiness when i play basketball, but it is not a happiness you are aware of - it is like a state of pure being, you just act and react.
    for me, basketball and swimming are the 2 physical things that i MUST HAVE in my life. haha! they release me.

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