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    I wouldn't say I hate Bono. I like some old stuff from U2, mostly from war and Joshua Tree, but as I look at U2 discography they seem to become more and more pop/mainstreem band every year. They used to fight for rights of Irish people, against war, they used to fight for meaningfull things, now all they do is just talking populistic bullshits about world peace and cooporates with such a singers like Byonce to (destroy) remake such a songs like One. For me Bono is a person, who made a lot, who for sure deserves an admiration for what he fought for, but he is just like many many others who sold a good idea, good name and a good band for being liked and famous.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Speed Gavroche View Post
    I don't really hate him, but, well, let's say that: he is annoying, preachy, pretentious, and above all he says a lot of bullshit about subjects that he doesn't understand, and his humanitarian work actually serve a lot the projects of the Big Government, the military lobby and the new world order.
    As an Illuminati member, let me tell you that you're right. Bono is one of our biggest special agents. We're trying to find inroads in the entertainment industry who won't turn on us like Stanley Kubrick did. Bono seems to be loyal to our cause, almost as useful as Alex Jones.
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    Please take a brief moment to hear the touching back story to Bono's strange, glorious past. Maybe we'll all think twice before juding people or being such turds.
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    How come everyone hates Bono so much?
    Because he's a self righteous douche nozzle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkgraffiti View Post
    This totally. I watched a video called "Why Poverty?" and even grassroots organizations in Africa hate him and think he's caused more bad there (with stupid stereotypes and his own closed interpretation of what the problem in Africa was without consulting their insights as local organizations) than good. I guess he meant well, but was incredibly naif. and also came from a perspective of superiority, almost reminiscent to previous colonialists, of "trying to save africa", yeah because africa needs to be saved by white people; it really bugs me that he would cause all that media attention and seriously not have the humility to ask to the experts there, to the local organisations: "what do you need?" "what are the problems?" "how can we help you?"

    also: annoying music.
    There's was ever "humanitarian" justification for the colonisation of Africa in the 19th century. So now there's the same justifications for neo-colonialism. It's the same thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by msg_v2 View Post
    As an Illuminati member..., let me tell you that you're right. Bono is one of our biggest special agents. We're trying to find inroads in the entertainment industry who won't turn on us like Stanley Kubrick did. Bono seems to be loyal to our cause, almost as useful as Alex Jones.
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    I think he's great, and that opinion is solidified even more by his "outspoken-ness" on important social issues. I don't think the fact that U2 has gone downhill really explains people's hatred of him. I don't see that level of hatred for even people like Justin Bieber. I think people don't like him, and claim he's self-righteous, is because they know he's right and don't want to admit it or be bothered with standing up or doing anything about anything themselves.
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    Going to answer this one from the perspective of being an Irish man.

    He's a raging hypocrite.

    He has a huge superiority complex.

    He supported George Bush.

    His music is boring and dull.

    Most of his "charity work" is him talking about all the bad things in the world, but doing very little to make it a better place. He makes far more money from his "charity" efforts than actually goes to help people. He throws his money around the place, and demands stupid amounts of money just to show his "support" of things. He's been proven guilty of tax evasion too, which is the biggest hypocrisy ever.

    He throws his ego around like he's Jesus and everyone else is the problem, but is completely unaware of his constant self obsessed hypocrisy. He's a patronising gut. He seems to think that he has to insert himself everywhere, as if his approval is somehow a necessity, despite the fact that he or his music hasn't been relevant in over a decade.

    Most people here in Ireland can't bloody stand him, and for good reason.


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    Visited this thread again since it got resurrected. I'm even more sure of my point from earlier. If you want to do some good and you're in the public eye, you better be morally cleaner than Jesus or people are going to rip you to shreds.
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