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    Quote Originally Posted by tastes_like_purple View Post
    only if it has some sex and a bit of horror thrown in to the mix ;D
    Yeah, that's why I like 18th-19th century Gothic Romanticism.

    I also like the "scary" fairy tales...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trinity View Post
    It's just a classier version of porn, right?

    Screw classy.

    Gimme fantasy and Si-Fi
    Funny, that's exactly the analogy I had in mind. It's the difference between good porn and bad porn. Porn, in general, is a guilty pleasure like romance novels but different types do it for different people. Bad porn is laughable while good porn hits the spot (no pun intended. Oh well, actually yes, intended).

    Within romance novels, those that pay NO attention to plot, location or characters are just not satisfying as Q or SkyisBlue described. The better ones would provide something other than the throbbing embers...

    I like my romance hidden or interspersed in another genre...sci fi, literary fiction, essays whatever but yes, I definitely like some squishiness in my novels.

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