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    Default Downloading music from iTunes and Amazon

    Okay, don't hang me for this stupid question, but is downloading music from iTunes and Amazon legal? Are there any restrictions? Anything I should know so that I don't hear helicopters outside my house and FBI with guns coming to arrest me?

    I assume that if you pay for it, it is fine, but I do not want any nasty surprises.
    Feel free to point me to the right thread if this has already been asked.
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    Don't go to either site!!!

    Go here instead: The best music mp3 download site: download music, remix mp3 or video of any artist from 200 000 available

    Legal and ALOT more inexpensive than either of the others.


    I've been using that site for years and never had a problem. All files good, no viruses, no P2P bullshit...and no black helicopters.
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    I don't understand how paying for music could in anyway entail illegality.

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