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    Default Princess and the Frog

    The newest Disney movie, the Princess and the Frog, features Disney's first African-American princess (yes, that is correct, 'African-American.' She lives in Louisiana and becomes a princess, nevermind that America has that whole thing against noble titles).

    Has anyone else seen this movie? What do you think? And, at the risk of opening a brand new can of worms, how racist do you think it was?
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    Overall, I loved the movie. The musical score wasn't as great as some of the other Disney Classics, imo, but eh...

    I was also a little miffed about Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen being frogs for so much of the movie, but I know where I live, and I get the whole "mass appeal" approach. I also knew this was going to be the case long before I saw it last week, so it wasn't a surprise.

    I thought it was pretty awesome that Princess Tiana was Disney's first American princess, and that she was also from South; of course, for no real reason in particular.
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    It was cute, but the songs were incredibly forgettable. And somewhat abbreviated, I thought. I liked the jazz-iness and that music was kind of presented as an integral part of the setting, but there weren't really any stand out amazing numbers.

    Overall, the whole movie was like that. Not ambitious enough. I don't think it's enough to bring back Disney's old-fashioned animation division- I mean, I think old-fashioned animation... each classic Disney movie tried to bring something new to the table. Snow White (which I personally don't like), has activity in every corner of the screen. 101 Dalmations- very modern art. The Lion King... thematic scope.

    And The Princess and the Frog... it tries to emulate through callbacks to many, many Disney movies (especially the "princess" movies, particularly The Little Mermaid, IMO). I wanted more, more of New Orleans, more of the bayou (when it was "Under the Sea" or "Be Our Guest": it was grand; it was alive!)- more at stake (scarier villain!).

    What is different, I think, is more pure-action scenes- a scene our protagonist frogs running from predators comes to mind. But it didn't last long enough. And the secondary characters weren't developed enough.

    And what was the whole point of the "prince" needing to be a Prince, anyway? Story would've worked a lot better without that vestige.

    As for the "race" issues, it's alluded to briefly. I wish there was more about the culture- I mean voodoo villain and witch in the swamp and the whole Cajun' firefly- it's there, but it doesn't centerpiece in the plot.

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    I enjoyed it.
    I felt they tried to be more quirky and humorous than prior Disney princess flicks, but it came across nicely. I really enjoyed the storyline of how she wasn't actually a princess, which isn't what the trailers led you to believe.
    Hmm also a new feeling was the depressing part. I felt that was really well done, especially considering the fun of the rest of the movie. You become attached to the characters and i really don't expect that with Disney so it was refreshing, despite sad.

    As for the downsides-
    Everyone and their mother had a song. Tiana didn't sing enough, in my opinion. I don't think the prince had a song either and it wouldn't bother me if every other character didn't have one.
    I think the stereotypes were very apparent, but they tried to smooth it over with time period and interracial friendships.

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    Like others mentioned, the musical score didn't really stick with me like the other Disney flicks of such nature.

    And, unlike the other Disney "Classics" where I always fell in love with a supporting character (animal) didn't happen here for me. Which I found suprising and disappointing.

    The Little Mermaid - Sebastian
    The Lion King - Timone & Pumba
    Mulan - the little dragon
    Pochahontas - the raccoon
    Beauty and the Beast - talking furnitures and cutlery...

    there were none such characters for me in this film. (wait, kinda, the cajun firefly, Ray, but more so because of his own love story with Evangeline, and how that panned out......that was the highlight of the movie for me)

    I think my fave character, besides Ray, (and musical score)....was (with) Mama Otis (the good voodoo witch lady).

    [youtube=]Dig a Little Deeper[/youtube]

    (sounded like a gospel choir)

    I also found it funny that the 'good friend' of Tiana (the white girl) - looked like a human poodle, which I'm sure was the intention.

    Other than that, there weren't any smirks from me at their creative double-entendres, which I've found the most alluring watching Disney as an adult. Lacking here, most notably.

    Overall, it was cute but not unforgettable. The significance of the movie was more lasting for me, than the movie itself.

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