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    Default Fastest Rubix Cube Player I've Ever Seen - What's the Secret?

    I was sitting in the train the other day, and a guy in a uniform, comes in, says "Watch out" as he plops himself next to me, rubix cube in hand, and proceeds to play in the most incredible way I've ever seen.

    Mix 30-60 seconds, twists that thing around in the most systematic and fastest way I have ever seen in my life, solves it in 30-60 seconds, and starts over again.

    Fe-fail: I sat staring that this man's hands go for about five minutes straight, trying to be as covert as I could, trying to notice patterns despite the extremely fast turns, and I could not.

    I was so close (about 20 times) to asking him what the secret was, but I had the odd feeling he would either ignore me, or get extremely pissed that I interrupted him and leave, and I was too fascinated to disturb the guy.

    What is the secret to that??? I'm fascinated now.
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    You learn step by step how to do each part and then do it over and over. I know up to the last face but I certainly can't do it over quickly. :P

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    learnign how to do it can take a few weeks, but once nailed you can do it in between 1-3 minutes, there really are paterns of twists...

    Bottom line you need to get the first two layer to be correct and ocne you have that there is only a few "tricks" to completing the top layer.

    There is more than one apporahc to solving the thing, but ultimately it's about slowly constraining the possibilit solutions.... ie in the approach I learned was basically having one layer which needed thinking about the rest was automatic, the last on had say 10 possible approahces, and all you did was select the one that woud work with the parterns in the screwed up layer.

    Sorry not the biggest help - you cna buy a book to show you

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    I can do it in about 2 minutes, and I know I don't have the most effective method.

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