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    The other TV show portraying a "behind the scenes" view of an SNL-type show was funny, deep and dramatic, and deserved to be picked up instead of the trivial, no-account 30 Rock. That show was Studio 60.

    The Studio 60 episode "The Friday Night Slaughter" is one of the best episodes in all of TV history. (And by that I mean compared to any episode of All in the Family, The Cosby Show, M.A.S.H., Seinfeld, or anything out there.) I saw that episode years ago, and I still think about it now and then. I can't say that for many episodes of any series. Although it helps to know the characters, the episode is a self-contained story and you can watch it here: Hulu - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip I can't give the ending away, but it really blew me away with its twilight zone type twist that you would never expect in this type of show. I have never seen character development like that in a single episode pulled off so well, and probably never will again. Especially in this day & age of reality TV and ABC sitcom pilots...

    And I have to say, this cast:

    > Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, and Tina Fey seven ways to Sunday.

    30 Rock is not funny, and should have been killed quickly and had its organs harvested so that Studio 60 could have lived.
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    Oof, just no.
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    LOL 30 Rock is definitely one of the funniest shows on television!!
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