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    Default Role-playing games and MBTI

    I'm surprised there is no thread already about this. Or maybe there is, but then it's older than page 5; I didn't search all the way.

    I play pen-and paper RPGs. But I think computer based/online RPG's could feature here also, as all these RPGs have something in common:

    You create a character.

    So - which MBTI type is your character? Is it anything like you?

    Me: eNTP. Character: ENTJ, with really outspoken E and J.

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    I also play pen & paper RPGs. I mainly GM. In a campaign I'm supposed to be playing in sooner or later I will be playing an elven paladin. ExFJ. He has a guilty past and slaughtered innocents for a political agenda, but has since repented. Only now his guilt destroys him and it has manifested itself in visual and audible hallucinations.

    I can try and type the players' characters in my campaign I'm running now (evil, criminal underworld theme in an arabic-esque city):

    Ulric Al-Hazar: iSTJ. Assassin. Highly religious (it drives his values). Devoted to finishing what he sets out to do.
    Nae'thril: ISTP. Man-hunter. As a woman she is at a disadvantage in the city above, but not in the underworld where gender doesn't really matter much (everyone is killed equally)
    Drelloc Lunfellow: ISTP. greedy halfling. Doesn't mind killing for money. Has a missing left hand with a spring-loaded dagger inside (inb4 assassin's creed).
    Azeem Jarrah: INTp. Wizard. Extremely selfish. Goal is to find his mentor's murderer. Causes lots of inter-party paranoia.
    Girdle Skleesbak: ESTP. Dwarven demolitionist. Addictive personality. Likes blowing shit up. Extremely crude and blunt.
    John Kimble (lol): iNtp. Necromancer. Likes talking to others and analyzing them. Hasn't been incredibly developed (player just started playing with us again).

    no feelers in an all-evil party. How sad. Feelers could probably make the most destructive evil characters.

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    My characters are usually INTJ or ENTP mages. Sometimes I make xSTP fighters.

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    Sure. I think the characters have facets of myself within them.

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    Strange, I have yet to really think about typing any of the characters I've had... Then again, It's been a while since I've actually role-played too. (very sad about that )
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    It's been years since I've been in a really good role playing group, but I used to design characters of all sorts of types. Looking back the common theme is almost all of them T and often E too.
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    I tend to play ENTJ characters. Sometimes INTJ.
    They get shit done, figure stuff out and they're not weak emo-kids with a sword and a nasty haircut.
    Like japanese anime figures tend to be...

    Anyway, I play pen and paper. I'm actually going to be DM today in an hour or so.
    The game is called EON. Really good low fantasy medieval RPG.
    The level of realism is almost horrible It's a goddamn science, and logic does apply to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adoamros View Post
    John Kimble: Necromancer.

    In pen-and-paper games, I like to play STJ's more often than not (knight or priest). I like it because it really makes life easier in a black and white-way: strong moral code, unbreakable hierarchy, noble deeds, end of story.

    (I'd hate my characters IRL though.)

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    I just got done creating my first RPG character (for a friend), only to find this topic waiting for me. Description of that character:

    Name: Lord Henry Snipthread

    Appearance: Gloves, monocle, and plum-purple top hat, sported by a gentleman who is twelve feet tall and as many centimeters wide. On the whole, he resembles a coat rack with fancy clothes on it instead of coats.

    Age: Negative 45

    HP - 30
    MP - 150
    Str - 30
    Mag - 150
    Def - 30
    Agi - 150

    Weapon: In spite of the fact that he carries a walking cane, his weapon is his mustache. This mustache is crafted from the fur of a wild beast, and it comes in several varieties depending on the beast of origin. Varieties include mint, bacon, and polka-dots.

    Limit Breaks/Abilities:

    Gentlemanly Sneeze, an attack that whips up a tornado to blow the opponents off-screen for a few turns. During this time, you can recover in the usual manner or flee from battle.

    Civilized Discourse, in which Lord Henry speaks of all manner of highbrow topics. The enemy will find this so impressive that they'll be hard-pressed to harm the gentleman and his comrades. The enemy's attack will drop by 50% for a length of three turns.

    Curling of the 'Stache will cause Lord Henry to curl his mustache when in peril. By doing this, he summons a group of butlers which divide themselves between attacking the enemy and throwing themselves before their lord in order to prevent his injury. There are four butlers in all, and each time one of them blocks an attack or performs an attack of their own (this happens once a turn), that butler gets expended.

    By nodding a Negative Nod, Lord Henry deals damage to one enemy equal to that which he and his comrades have sustained. Recovered damage doesn't count.

    Back Story: Most men live one life; Lord Henry has lived two. His first life saw him as an explorer by the name of Dashly Jones. At the end of Dashly's final adventure, a quest for the Fountain of Youth, he successfully located those waters, whereupon he drank of them. So potent were those waters, however, that his one small sip subtracted more age than he had. In a matter of seconds, he became a child, then a baby, and then was unborn. From there, he went even further and grew up in a strange kind of reverse. This reverse was so reverse-like that even his personality took a sharp turnaround: he became a finicky lord who would sooner choke on caviar than die in a dangerous quest.

    At some point it became clear what had happened to Lord Henry, and moreover, that Lord Henry would gradually age until he was reborn as that uncouth explorer. In an effort to prolong his life, therefore, Lord Henry ordered his servants to tie ropes to his arms and feet and then to pull him from either end. He reasoned that since adulthood is intimately connected with an increase in height, this exercise would have a Fountain of Maturity kind of effect. In fact, all that happened was that he got stretched out like a strip of taffy, which explains his peculiar stature.
    I imagine him as an ESTJ. If I were to make a character for myself, I would probably let out my inner darkness and create a villainous INTJ. I don't think I would play someone of my own type, because I would find that monotonous.
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