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    You just have to check these guys out.

    This is a band full of friends I randomly met from Oklahoma, and damn! They're nothing short of amazing. The singer has a classic, extraordinarily beautiful sounding voice (some have said she harkens back to a nice 40's sound). They have a very folksy sound to them. "Mother May I?" is a lullaby that can take you to heaven and put you to sleep. "The Annoying Song" is far from annoying; in fact, it's a fun jingle that tugs at your heartstrings and makes you feel as if true, innocent love really does exist. "Two Cent Whore" is just a fun "honky-tonk" tune that will leave you laughing.

    I had the good fortune of meeting these kids in an unusual coincidence (I happened to be in Austin visiting friends, they had come down from Oklahoma) and am amazed at the kind of talent I happened to run into. They're able to come up with epic songs on the spot in a matter of minutes. I find myself coming back to listen to more over and over, and the only downside is that they currently only have three songs up so far.

    So check 'em out!! Get their plays up! It will be encouraging for them, and maybe spur them onto making even more beautiful music.

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