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    I don't watch team sports on TV. Unless it's socially, and only football, soccer or hockey. Individual and extreme sports like kick-boxing, snowboarding, etc. would interest me on TV, but I don't subscribe to a cable service.

    I don't like baseball at all, but I do enjoy going to games. I see NFL and NHL games here and there, and will go to a NASCAR event and enjoy them immensely even though I almost never see the actual race.

    Older now, so I don't participate in as wide of a variety of activity as I used to. In the summers I like to wake board, play golf and swim. Do some motorcross or cycling... In the winter I like my kettlebells and cross training intervals.

    I might play soccer with an adult league this spring.

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    I forgot to mention the sports I personally like to do..

    running, cycling, swimming, volleyball, beach volley, weightlifting

    haven't had much of a chance for those lately Well, I'm happy the possibility is there (now) so I can restart

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    I love playing sports.

    I play (or used to): Soccer, softball, tennis, volleyball, I ran track in high school (sprints, I hated long distance ), swimming, skiing, and cycling.

    I'm convinced I would love horseback riding or fencing, but I've not, as of yet, tried either.

    I'm not a big fan of watching sports though. Watching hockey is pretty fun...
    "It is not length of life, but depth of life." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    I like watching a little bit of all the major sports, but my favorites are hockey and football.

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