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    Default what do you like about instrumental music?

    it can be anywhere from classical music,
    or jazz, bossa-nova, lounge music,
    or trance, techno,
    or rock, metal,
    or even anime/video-games/movies soundtracks,

    does any of you here like, or even prefer, instrumental music?

    if yes, then what are the reasons you like/prefer instrumental music, than vocal/lyrical music/songs?
    in other words, what do you think is the "plus points" of instrumental music, compared to the vocal/lyrical music ?
    is there a 'different' feeling, or experience, or effects, perhaps?

    I'd love to know your opinions,
    especially from the avid instrumental-music listeners :-)

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    I like classical music, but I also like operas and some pop songs.

    I don't particularly prefer instrumental music to vocal/lyrical music/songs, it depends on the piece. They are just different expression of music.

    I see human body as a type of instrument, unlike violin or guitar which use the space within the wood, the human body uses the space between the diaphragm, abdomen and chest for resonance, but the end result is the same - sound produced.

    Difference between instrumental music and vocal music is that with instrumental music, you experience the emotions of the composer through the music without words - the notes, the rhythm, the pitch, etc. With vocal music, in addition to the music itself, an added layer of expression through human language can express more where simply music alone cannot express.

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    Sometimes music can create emotions and impressions far greater than lyrics could ever try to portray. Sometimes, one solo instrument is all we need.

    I don't know, but to me, sometimes knowing what the words to a song means can ruin it.

    German Commercial w/ intelligible lyrics if you understand English
    [YOUTUBE=""]Wanna Learn English?[/YOUTUBE]


    "Japanese" song with gibberish lyrics that are beautiful nonetheless.
    [YOUTUBE=""]Green Bird[/YOUTUBE]
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    When I hear instrumental music, I can just let concepts fly without the need to interpret the words. I think the sound work on a lower level than words do, and in consciously trying to make meaning out of words, you miss out a little on the music itself. Like you cannot appreciate it fully.

    Of course, songs with lyrics have some other things to offer as well, I think neither is better than the other.
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    I enjoy some instrumental/electronic music without lyrics. (Or with minimal lyrics.) One of the things I like about electronic music is the patterns and complexity. There can be layers upon layers of sound, including rhythm parts, ambient parts, etc. all going at the same time. I also enjoy the unique sounds that electronic music contains. The use of unique sounds, phrasing, etc. lead to a unique experience compared to traditional music. For example, I think that instrumental pieces can truly come off as "mysterious" whereas this would be extremely difficult to do in a traditional piece with lyrics.

    I think that lyrics constrain a song to some degree. The bands that I like most (Radiohead, Tori Amos, The Crystal Method, etc.) don't really follow a traditional A/B/A/B song patter but instead sometimes have sparse lyrics or large sections of songs that are instrumental-only and do not depend on linking the music to the lyrics necessarily. I like this freedom; I think it was in use in some 70's rock, but become more mainstream during the postmodern movement.
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