Scott Mescudi... I'm disappointed.

I enjoyed A Kid Named Cudi more and that was a mixtape, for God sakes. Sophomore slump, I guess?

The lyrics and concept aren't bad, but the beats sound God-awful, like somebody was having sex on the MIDI keyboard and forgot to turn FL Studio 8 off. Human League-esque guitar loops clash with ridiculously overdone Crookers-style beats and combine to make a cacophony so distracting, that you can't even concentrate on what Cudi is saying.

The only track that I enjoyed is of course "Day 'n' Nite" and that shouldn't even count because it was originally included on the AKNC mixtape and has been out for like a hundred years. Not to mention, that song was outdone by a REMIX of ITSELF. Clap, clap, Cudi.

Thoughts...? Opinions...? Rants...?