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    I might as well be tone deaf, that was painful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky is BLUE! View Post
    Or I have lousy speakers...
    the denials of a perfectionist...;p

    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    I have pretty close to perfect pitch, but it's partly learned, not inherent. "B flat" was drilled into my head so bad and I played piano for so long that I just know what the pitches are. My parents used to test me when I was pre-teen and I was almost always right on with what I thought the pitch was.

    It's bad enough that I have trouble following a piano score if I'm listening to a recording where the song was performed in a key other than what the score is showing -- it messes with my head. (I prefer to play by ear and not use music at all, if I can help it.) The same goes if an entire ensemble is in tune with each other but out of tune together (slightly over or under the stated pitch); all I hear is how "off" it is -- to the point of uncontrollable wincing/shoulder-scrunching -- if they're out of tune together.

    As a pianist (improv/jazz, etc.), I've learned to recognize various chord structures by sound and which notes are being played in the chord and in what grouping (open, closed, etc.), and I can choose as I go which type of chords and structure will best create the effect I'm looking for... it's a lot of fun.
    cool Jennifer, i'd love to hear you play sometime!

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    Perfect pitch. No kidding. I used to play the piano and my piano teacher used to keep saying I had perfect pitch. I didn't care much about that then but now I could check it with this thing. Yeah, I'm still good.

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