In this age of the Internet, I have rediscovered a love of an old technology: radio.

I have been listening to a lot of AM lately, mainly talk radio such as Lou Dobbs and a local program called "open range" where locals can call in to give their opinions on current events/the topic being discussed that day. (For example, today's topic is healthcare reform.) It just feels kind of liberating in a way to hear people who are able to call in to the show that is being broadcast voice their opinions. (And I also enjoy the commentary.) It can be pretty amazing what ordinary, average, everyday people know about what happened 20 years ago, who said what, and how it applies to today's situations. I put the station on and let it play for hours and even the commercials that come on at regular intervals become soothing in a way in their familiarity.

I have also rediscovered "oldies" by listening to a local FM station that carries the "True Oldies Channel" with Scott Shannon. I have noticed, in this day and age of the world crashing down upon us, that the "oldies" are nearly all upbeat. I know that it's obvious to any music fan that oldies are more chipper than music from the past 2 decades, but I've really been feeling the oldies in my bones. I'm now out of work, so I've been pretty down for the past week. I used to kind of dismiss the oldies for their simplicity, but now I am learning a new appreciation of the this music for its uplifting qualities. I was over at the folks going through an old record collection, and it amazed me to run across old records with marketing blurbs on the back that stated so-and-so had sold 12 million albums. (It was someone I had never heard of.)

In addition, I have Shoutcast installed on my PSP and I have it by my bed and I often fall asleep with ambient/electronica music going. I haven't tried out a lot of the stations on Shoutcast yet; so far, I mainly keep the dial tuned to Space Station Soma. They have a great mix to fall asleep to, although sometimes the ambient tunes get too bizarre for me. (Yes I know this is using the Internet, which goes against the first sentence in this post, but it's still radio...)

So, is this Si running rampant? I used to listen to CBC radio out of Regina while growing up on the farm way up north, which had a mostly talk-based format. (There were some music programs, but not many.) This was before I was exposed to the Internet, so it was a unique form for me to become aware of what was going on in the world outside of newpapers, newmagazines, or TV news. (We did have CNN via satellite by that time though, so it's not like I wasn't aware of what was going on in the world in general.)

Any other radio fans? Share your favorite station or Internet radio station, or better yet if you've called in to a radio program share your story!