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    Quote Originally Posted by Nonpareil View Post
    I'm finally feeling well enough to be posting on mbtic again and so I've been doing my usual thinking...

    First, I want to apoligize to Mendacity, I've been meaning to answer your question and that leads to the reason I created this thread, I want to know who here plays MMORPG, what classes they like to play, why do they like that class, and what part of MMORPG do they like to play most? Do you like it for the social aspect, the raiding, the mindless grinding, role playing, etc. Do you play this game with friends and/or significant other or do you pick up the game as an escape or for your own entertainment/fun?

    Why do the rest of you like MMORPG? I'm just curious if the reasons you play and the classes you play have anything to do with personality types. I hope I get enough responses to get an answer to this question.

    Thanks all!
    I've played a bunch of mmorpgs before :x started off warcraft strategy game where you created armies and invaded and tried to destroy other person's base to win. age of empires.. then diablos pvp. ffxi, world of warcraft, and some otherrss.

    The classes I like to play tend to be mages.. anything that has magic. I like to have alot of spells to choose from so i can do a lot of things instead of just staring at my screen while my character whacks away at the enemy.. and want to be able to help others. Job I tend to pick are healer and support jobs . In world of warcraft I was a warlock, priest in ffxi.. whitemage,bard,redmage,blackmage, bluemage, paladin.

    I think I like it for the social aspect and the imaginary world. It's cool doing activities and get together with guilds, or friends. The strategy, patience used to work together as a team when doing missions and quests are fun as well and sometimes challenging. I enjoy playing mmorpgs more with friends I make online, or rl friends... tends to get boring if I'm playing alone. But I think in a way it's a nice escape for me also... to just forget about some things and just immerse myself in a fantasy world and have fun while I can until I get back to the stresses of reality lol.
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    Back when I played, I had a warlock, hunter and paladin. Affliction, marks/survival, and ret. Ret is really really awesome and fun for pvp.

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    I currently play wow very casually at the moment, I have 2 level 70 horde characters, a rogue and hunter. My guild doesn't do crap and I am just bored with it all right now. I play because its really fun and I have some RL friends and my husband that plays.
    A few years ago I played City of Heroes for a bit, that was a really cool game at first but the missions were repetitive. When WoW came out I switched to that. I play games because it is relaxing and basically takes the place of TV for me.

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