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    Quote Originally Posted by niki View Post
    for me, I'm using Cubase, and Reason.

    btw, you said "in your spare time" ,
    does that mean, you have a dayjob other than music (what is it btw?),
    and only treat music as a side-job, sort of?
    any consideration or factors, to not pursue music as a full-time career?..
    (seems to be the 'dilemma' , even for the most passionate-musicians/composers..sadly)
    I used to use Cubase too, I like it a lot for recording instruments.

    I'm actually a full-time student right now, so priority one is schoolwork and getting that degree. I think one factor that will ultimately stand between myself and a full-time career in music is the opportunity I've been given through a really prestigious academic institution (one that, sadly enough, has a rather unspectacular music department) to get one of those mundane, high-paying jobs or enroll in an equally prestigious graduate or pre-professional program (law, business, etc)... to end up with another one of those mundane, high-paying jobs.

    On the plus side, I see that as a way to build up resources to make music a very dynamic hobby for myself that I can keep up with all throughout my life. I can't wait until I have my own place so that I can strip down a room and turn it into a full-blown studio. Thanks for the interest! I haven't been to your sites yet but I'll be sure to check them out soon

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    Me, I am, I'm a registered song writer, PRS is my country's ASCAP, in laymen's terms, it's the people who pay me if my music gets used.

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    I write and play music, I write lyrics, and I sing. I have yet to combine all three of these, because I wind up giving up before I complete a project lest it be imperfect. I have some songs lined up that I do plan to mash together if I've got the time to do so.

    I've also been in bands from time to time, but life circumstances and other opportunities always got in someone's way. One of them released an album after I quit due to my own circumstances

    In any case, my general style is this and this and this and this and this.

    And the occasional this.

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