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    Quote Originally Posted by TSDesigner View Post
    I have Virtual Boy. It's a very cool stereoscopic 3D game system and the only one ever made. I got it cheap when it went on clearance and I got a bunch of games for $5 each.
    Hahah, the Virtual Boy was a failure of massive proportions. I heard it was so bad that they retired it less than 15 months after it was first released. Now that's a bad console.

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    Ive got to say that the SNES, N64, Sega Genesis, and Sega Dreamcast share equal parts of nostalgia for me.

    Kirby's Dreamland - Extremely cute and fun to play. I played the hell out of the DS version when it came out.
    Earthworm Jim - just because it was so weird that someone like me HAS to love it!
    Donkey Kong Country - My favorite sidescroller (That isn't a Sonic game )

    Goeman: Mystical Ninja - I just fell in love with the artwork and gameplay
    Banjo Kazooie/Tooie - Same as Goeman, but include great BGMs
    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Just cause its OCARINA OF TIME! (Though I also got hooked on Twilight Princess)
    Megaman 64 - I just liked its style.
    Mario 64 - The N64 version was more fun than the DS version and always will be.

    Shining Force - since it was the only game I played on it, but still, it's my most favorite turnbased strategy RPG

    Sonic Adventure 2 and all the reduxs of it - Best 3D Sonic game ever.
    Powerstone and Powerstone 2 - Sega's Super Smash Bros. I remember playing this with my INTP friend all the time. Yum.
    Evolution 1-2 - I just loved this game.
    Grandia 2 - A kickass classic that should be played if you're into RPGs
    Oratario Tangram : Mainly for the giant robot fighting fun

    I need to get me some ROMs when I get back to the States...
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