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    I definitely realize the difference.

    I'm not the biggest anime fan myself- but I have friends at home who hate it and make fun of me for pledging the 'anime frat' in my college (not everyone is in love with anime in my frat but it pretty much runs the Anime Club in college)...

    Another reason why a lot of people don't like anime is because a lot of them.. let's be honest here.. are perverted cartoons- which when you look at it like that (to be honest- that's at least the impression I got from more than one anime)- it doesn't seem so great.

    There is one anime I liked though and that was "Death Note".
    I watched the Pokemon anime regularly too when I was 9.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RBounce View Post
    The Boondocks isn't anime. It was made in the US.
    I know it's cheating but I couldn't find a gangsta enough screencap of Samurai Champloo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    The kind of storytelling reminds me a lot of fantasy and sci-fi genre which doesn't interest me. It's either that or the stories are kind of soap opera-ish, which I don't like either.
    That's usually true. The storylines get more involved than what we think of as "cartoons." This is what interested me in a few anime to begin with.

    Also true that the characters are often drawn to look childish, even when the themes are not childish. That's weird territory.
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    I used to hate anime, then I got introduced to a few series that were good, and now I love everything, up to the trashy HS series anime, just because it's HILARIOUS and more a parody than anything else.

    Dubs=no way. The English voice actors tend to over-act, have no subtlety and the jokes don't really translate across. Most of the time when I watch it's with Chinese subs, just because the languages tend to translate across better.

    For those deriding anime as being low-brow/unclassy, I challenge you to say that of any of Makoto Shinkai's work. His anime is the best of ANYTHING I've ever seen - touching, profound and incredible. You could probably youtube it. I'd recommend Byousoku 5cm/s and Hoshi no Koe. He's less known than Hayao Miyazaki, and I actually like him a lot better.

    Quote Originally Posted by TSDesigner View Post
    I love the opening theme songs from Lucky Star and Kao Dekai.
    Anybody know of more songs like those?

    But the actual Lucky Star show seems really boring.
    I watched one episode.

    I like good anime, but a lot of anime is silly.
    But then again most works in any art form are not very good.
    LOL, Motteke Sailor Fuku rocks. If you like it, you might want to look for Hare Hare Yukai, the Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu ED - also KyoAni work. I'm a KyoAni fangirl myself. Speaking of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu - I was pleasantly surprised to see a HS anime explore the concepts of existence, God and the anthropic principle. Of course, I haven't seen season 2, and from what I hear about the Endless 8 arc, I'm not sure that I'll ever see it.

    Lucky Star is one of my favourite anime, just because the jokes are complete otaku-bait. The character designs are nothing special, but the characters themselves I love like good friends. Especially Konata and Kagami.

    Anisongs are written to hook people in, but there are quite a few songs that are written to be representative of the show, and I could recommend a few if people are interested.

    I've gone all otaku on people now.

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    Anime sucks.

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    I don't hate anime either. It's simply a medium used for storytelling. Other examples include books, music, etc.

    But as always, there are people who hate reading in general so they cast out all the good books and resort to movies, etc.

    As in anything, there are shitload of garbage and few masterpieces.
    Recently I watched Nausicaa of the Valley of the wind. and I loved it.

    Anime(animation) provides stylization of art that cannot be expressed through a camera. I get to see the world from the animator's eyes. Which I think is the best aspect of animation.

    Now why so much fuss about anime exists:

    Anime's connection to sex is pretty strong, so people often categorize them as a whole. For example, most harem series and few notable others are adaptation from Hentai games (Utawarerumono, Shuffle!, Kanon, Air TV). Then we have the doujins (fan made-manga) which covers all sorts of paraphilias from BDSM, incests (mother, sister, etc), homosexuality (though not in dsm anymore). Also some strong ones like guro, rape, and the infamous tentacles sex.

    Now, show this to the conservative countries (people) of the world? they will shit in their pants. Despite the fact this is only a segment of the anime industry.

    As you have noticed already, people tend to generalize on very little information. Then proceeds to hop on the bandwagon.

    And as we have learned in history, if it's new & strange, we mock it and try to destroy it at all cost (eg. Socrates).

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    Stop being so sensible.

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    I think that Anime figures have such weird mouths (they rarely haqve lips), noses (they always look like this: > or <), eyes (two unattached likes with a circle between them) and chins (always pointy). Anyone who sees that can draw Anime thingies, and it's not even original!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elaur View Post
    Disclaimer: You don't have to argue my comments like im a xenophobe or an uninformed idiot, I'm just giving an unbias virgin opinion. I wouldn't mind opinions though.
    Bleach pretty much follows the mythology that when people die they become moths and butterflies and move into the next world to be reincarnated. But serious side over...

    What's wrong with being a weeeeeeaboooooooooooooooo!?
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    A lot of the people that I know who hate anime hate it just because it's popular.
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