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    Default My Sisters Keeper

    I've just seen the film 'My Sisters Keeper'. It's the saddest film I've ever seen.

    One thing it made me think, was that it's the simple moments in life - the time we spend with our family and friends that are the most important. I think, when we get old and look back on our lives, they are the ones that we will remember. I guess, I work extremely hard, I can become extremely narrow minded and put all my energy into the one thing. I sort of saw myself in Sara (the mother), who became so narrow minded. I mean, her child was dying which I think must be the worst thing one could possibly go through in life, so I can understand her actions and I think it's just natural instinct for a mother to do what she did. But it was those simple moments, like going to the beach a few days before Kate died that meant so much to her (Kate).

    I think I need to step back, and just enjoy life more. That's one thing I got out of it anyway.

    Just interested to hear what others got out of the film?

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