I'm curious: What is the song/album that inspires you.

I mean, the one that impacts your consciousness to such grandiose point, that you feel intrinsically connected with said song, where nothing is off kilter, and under the effects of such song you feel as if anything is as you would have it(to be nonspecific).


Really, I only found my song a year or two ago. before then I just liked all my music, I didn't feel too tied to any one piece.

I wish by Infected Mushroom off their Converting Vegetarians album.

Some how, it manages to illicit exceedingly strong emotional reaction(every time), and it's a song I rather live by/of(/in?).
It brings me up, and I feel more goal oriented, drops my slothen thoughts, and reminds me to refuse distraction.
I don't know,... I think it rather fitting for my type and such.