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    Default animal collective

    i dont have their new album but ive heard it and like it more than their previous albums because of its consistency.

    but honestly, ive never been huge into them. it seems like every other album theyve put out has only 2 or 3 songs i actually listen to. lots of people are really really into them but theres just something that doesnt connect with me. i dont know, maybe im ignorant. i just dont get them.

    maybe the music is too busy for me. its just too much of a chaotic kaleidoscope for me to get too into. the theory is better than the practice.

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    K, they are my favorite modern day band but I'm not really in th e best mindset to disuss things right now.

    I love them because their music does what my brain wants it to do. You know when you hear a song and you sorta predict what it is going to do in your head before it does it? But most of the time it doesn't actually do what you want it to do? Well Animal Collective writes songs that do what my brain wants them to do.

    Also I love there brightness within their experimental tendencies. They are weird and all that but they are almost always beautiful. Whether it is glorious vocal harmonies or transcendent guitar playing or gorgeous atmospheres, the collective always knows how to create something special. Nobody else sounds like them right now. Though there are bands that are starting to borrow from the Animal Collective sound....they will be remembered as one of the most important bands of this decade. And that makes me happy!
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    well, the songs that i like from them i really like. and i know what you mean about their influence on other musicians/bands. theres alot of bands i like that take ideas from animal collective so i do have much respect for them. and i love panda bear's last album. its one of my favorite albums from that year (2007, right?).

    i need to get a copy of animal collective's new one. and i should probably re-listen to their older stuff and give the other songs im not too familiar with a chance.

    and i feel you about the unpredictability. i do like that about them

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