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    Yes, but only musicals or comedies.

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    I'm not a huge fan. It's very expensive and it would never be my preferred way to spend an evening. For the same money, if I want to go see a live performance, I'd much rather go see a rock show. That said, I've seen Les Miserables and Wicked and enjoyed them both very much.
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    I love musicals!

    My favourites out of both the movies and theatre performances I've watched are Sweeney Todd, Hairspray, Phantom of the Opera, Evita and Moulin Rouge.

    The ones I've seen live are Les Miserables, the Phantom of the Opera and CATS. Would love to catch more in the future if they come over.

    I just wish that there was more variety in where I come from. Would really enjoy living in some place with an active theatre scene to be honest. Went to London last year and was really, really, spoilt for choice.

    Honestly, I think it takes a tremendous amount of skill, talent and coordination to pull off the singing, acting, dancing and synchronization of the whole thing. Seeing it live really is an experience, its not like in the movies where usually most of the actors get several takes to perfect the entire thing. Plus, its really difficult to sing most of the musival versions of the songs as usually the composer will lower the key in order to suit untrained singers. (that being said, I still love me some musical movies.)

    Sigh. Reading all that made me realize what a musical geek I am.
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    I like the old musicals, but the new ones seem to be overly chaotic and campy. I almost liked it better when they took themselves a bit seriously....

    Plays are a little more dull for me. I don't think I've ever seen any truly good live-acting. You're too far away to see actors' faces half the time, and the stage and everything around you adds to the constant feeling that it isn't real.
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