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Thread: Indie Music?

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    these days ive been listening to

    ricardo villalobos
    grizzly bear
    man man
    atlas sound
    benoit pioulard
    prefuse 73 (i actually like the new one)
    the humble bee
    and one can usually assume if i am not listening to silver mt. zion, i am wishing i was

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    Quote Originally Posted by hommefatal View Post
    I hate indie. I love alternative though. I don't like these hipsteresque bands. I prefer expressive bands like Nirvana or Rage Against the Machine. Bands should be unique and that's what many 'indie' bands aren't.
    the term "indie" gets thrown around alot, as if it is a genre. "indie" only means "independently produced". meaning, these days, that the act probably hasnt been chosen by a board association of rich, old executives who choose the acts for their record label based on demographics, marketability or, every once in a long while, real talent. now, alot of these major labels like to bank on the term "indie" and there appears to be an "indie sound", but it is only an illusion.

    indie only means it is independantly produced and possibly signed onto a smaller label.

    just cause its not mainstream doesnt mean its not ORIGINAL. it just means they arent marketable enough to be signed onto a major label.

    and i cant fucking STAND hipsters for the life of me. someone should tell them there's a coke-fueled dance party going on inside a space shuttle, then while they are inside, launch the shuttle into the sun.

    and to torture them along the way, the dj should play shit that was cool a whole year ago.

    and hopefully they run out of coke early.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperServal View Post
    Devandra Banhart and Sufjan Stevens are really, really amazing. They are the best in modern folk I think.
    u listen to bonnie 'prince' billy (will oldham)? i rank him up there with sufjan and devendra

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