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    I was disappointed with the unceremonious way the rid themselves of a character some of you mention in the previous spoiler-ized posts. But, I found the season as a whole better than the one before it, which was absolutely horrendous. This season at least had the minimum of internal logic I wanted and, in what is basically is the point of a series as silly as this, was a little bit fun every so often. I barely watched at all this season because of how much I disliked last year, but I ended up being reasonably entertained.

    Side note: This show is essentially the guiltiest pleasure I have.
    Does he want a pillow for his head?

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    True Blood has so many characters and supernatural characters to make wonderful plot lines which is the best thing about the series. It doesn't have to revolve around the main actor/actress. Considering all that this season was a disappointment.

    Season ranking vise I would place -

    The 1st season the best
    The 4th season the 2nd best (though initially the plot line in the Witch season was weak I liked the fact how 1 person managed to threaten the existence of all vampires)
    The 3rd season the 3rd best
    The 5th season/this season the 4th best and
    The 2nd season the least favourite (the Maenad season was a bit too much and draggy).

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