I've seen the film "The Secret." I'm quite familiar with this horsehocky belief system, and I agree that the people touting this as science are missing the point just as much as the people trying to debunk it.

I view the affects of thought patterns on our environment like a magnetic-rail train. When the train is stationary, the electromagnets on the train and the rails are polarized opposite one another. The train clings to the track until it is ready to move, at which point the magnets will be given the same polarity, causing the train to levitate.

When the computers controlling the magnets alternate the poles on the magnets, the train magnets push away from the like poles, and try to align with the opposite poles--moving the train to do so. The computers will then reverse the polarities of the magnets, causing the magnets to move further forward to repeat the process. By repeating this rhythm down the length of the track, the train can literally fly toward its destination at speeds of over 300mph.

When we think negative thoughts, we polarize our attitude opposite to that of the people around us; we cling fast to where we are, and no progress is made.

When we think positive thoughts, we polarize our attitude to the positive that the rest of the world works from. That interaction allows us to play off the rest of the world's counter forces, allowing us to move forward to our goals and destinies.