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Thread: Deadliest Catch

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    Default Deadliest Catch

    Anyone watch this?
    Opinions of captain's types? (Other crew members?)

    My tentative guesses:
    Sig Hansen (Northwestern): ESTX
    Phil Harris (Cornelia Marie): ISFJ
    Keith Colburn (Wizard): ENfJ
    Jonathan Hillstrand (Time Bandit): ESfP

    I'm not entirely sure why I find this show incredibly fascinating. Most episodes are almost exactly the same, but it's comforting, and interesting to see how the different captains respond to similar situations. I guess I love exploring the minor details that make each epi different.

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    Awesome show. I wouldn't be of any help trying to type the crew though. It's been a while since I've seen it. I had the first two DVD sets a while back, and have yet to become current to the latest season. :/

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