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    Default "Immortal..."

    Has anyone seen the movie Immortal (ad vitam)? It's a French movie, but it's in English. I watched it yesterday, I thought it was highly interesting.

    Here's the IMDb page.

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    I saw it a couple of years ago. I enjoyed it, but found the CGI characters intrusive and ridiculous. It reminded me a bit of Who Framed Roger Rabbit in that respect. Why would they do that? Make all the human characters CGI or make none of them CGI, don't make some of them CGI. Now I'm a man accustomed to suspending disbelief and I'm pretty good at it, but that really fucking irked me.

    I'd have to watch it again before I could comment on plot details with any certainty. I'd thought it was German, watching it. It makes so much more sense to know it was French. French chicks really have something else entirely going on, beauty-wise. I think it's in the shape of their mouths, which probably has a lot to do with the shape of their language.

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