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    Default Writers, post your Chapter Ones.

    If you're anything like me you have unfinished projects cluttering up your Word documents and you fear they will never be finished or see the light of day. Well now there's a chance to gratuitously flaunt these story beginnings.

    Post the first chapter, or couple of chapters, of anything unfinished or finished or halfway through or that will never be finished with a brief explanation.

    I'll get the narcissistic ball rolling. Due to content, mostly language, there might be an R rating on some of these.

    In no particular order:

    File 1: John St. John the Mid to Late Cases
    Status: Unfinished
    Genre: Comedy/Mystery
    One of two stories here inspired by Agatha Christie. Main character's name is Mort Belfry.

    File 2: John Noman
    Status: Finished/Editing
    Genre: Comedy/Sci-Fi

    File 3: A Knight and his Train
    Status: Finished
    Genre: Comedy/Fantasy

    File 4: Miss Maypole and Gretchen Beast Investigate: Stabbed in a Sarcophagus in a Pool at a Party
    Status: Will Never Be Finished
    Genre: Comedy/Mystery
    A parody of Miss Marple, the origin of the name Mort Belfry. Apologies for being slighty bawdy and quite silly.

    File 5: Spacetimesteff (Working Title)
    Status: Unfinished/Might Not Be Finished
    Genre: Comedy/Sci-Fi
    Two Appendixes prelude this prologue and might be referenced in the prologue. Apologies for any confusion.

    Further apologies for all the spelling mistakes and misplaced commas found.
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