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Thread: Movies v. Books

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    Not so long ago, Falcarius was reading the messages on the homepage when one logs on to Facebook; the one where all the status messages, quizzes, and videos on post show up. When he read one of the administrators from this forum had fill out a some quiz or something about what films they had seem. The member of the administration team from this forum had like seen 85% films listed as they had seen. Falcarius sent a reply saying something along the lines as he had only seen about seven or so out of like a hundred films, and had never heard of half of them. stick. By the certain person's response they seemed to think Falcarius was mocking them. @ :pornstar:

    Falcarius does not really like films, so much so he hates being 'forced' to go to the cinema, and only owns two films on DVD and neither of them he bought, whereas he has bookcases of books. He thinks the main reason why is because he finds books more abstract, and hence make imagination paramount. Falcarius prefers using his imagination.

    Falcarius only really watches films he liked when he was a kid, and even then it is for sentimental reasons.
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    Movies for me are often just shallow and temporary entertainment. Occasionally I see movies that are really good and I may watch them a few times, but in general, they are a huge waste of time.

    Books, on the other hand, usually offer 20 times more than movies do, and I remember them better and think about them for a lot longer. I have a good memory, so I can remember movies pretty well too, but not nearly as well as I remember books.

    I like both. Both have their place. Books stimulate my mind more and leave a larger impact overall, but movies, with visual action and music, evoke more emotions, even if they are short-lived.

    I read more than I used to, but I've always read books and watched movies and that hasn't changed much.
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    I used to watch a lot of movies but now I can't really get into them anymore. LucrativeSid seems to have hit the nail on the head for me
    Movies for me are often just shallow
    Movies, unless very well crafted, fail to bring together good characterization, plot, and action mostly because of time constraints (actors, budget, and certain directors doesn't help) that books, and even television shows, do not have trouble with for obvious reasons. I think movies just have more ways they can go wrong compared to a book.

    I like books over movies because I prefer my imagination to someones elses.
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    I get the feeling that most people lose time when they get older, and watching a movie provides quick entertainment while consuming less time. Time restrictions and conflicting interest that took priority are two reasons why many of my friends stopped reading regularly.
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    i like movies for all the visual data and visual information. that is something that books don't have.
    but i like books because i can visually interpret them my own way!
    i like both, they are both very good at what they do.

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