I wrote this about... oh... a little over two years ago. (Wow. I can't believe it's been that long.) when I was going through some struggles with the then loneliness of my Christian walk (That was before I met my husband and quite a few other awesome people.)... Tell me what you think!

Slaves to the sin of one mistake
This bitter cup of life we must take
Shackled in these chains of flesh we cry
As we live, this death we die

Why must we walk these paths of Sorrow?
Why must the way of Salvation be so steep?
Why this bloody, rugged way we follow?
Why this endless struggle we must keep?

Oh for just a moment to let go
Of all this pressure to remain
For just one day the bliss to know
Of innocence, and carelessness, and sleep

Who can break these chains that bind?
Who can free us from this pain?
Who can walk these paths of Sorrow,
That we who are bound might freedom gain?

Oh for one moment to see His face
To rest in His love and grace
For just one day His peace to know
His love, His Presence, His warm embrace

Only He can break these chains
And feel our deepest pain
This One Who bore our Sorrow
That we might live again