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Thread: "The Moonstone"

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    Default "The Moonstone"

    By Wilkie Collins. The premier mystery novel, IMO.

    Gabriel Betteredge -
    Lady Verinder -
    Franklin Blake -
    Godfrey Ablewhite -
    Rachel Verinder -
    Ms Clack -
    Sergeant Cuff -
    Ezra Jennings -
    Penelope -
    Rosanna -
    (add more characters if you please)

    Wanna see other people's take on their types before I mention what I think.

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    Seriously, no one's read 'The Moonstone'? *gasp*

    I'll go first:

    Gabriel Betteredge - ISFJ
    Lady Verinder - INFJ
    Franklin Blake - ESFP
    Godfrey Ablewhite - ExFJ
    Rachel Verinder - ENFP
    Ms Clack - ESTJ
    Sergeant Cuff - INTJ
    Ezra Jennings -
    Penelope - xxFP
    Rosanna - IxFx

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