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Thread: New StarTrek

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    Watched it last night and it was awesome, I loved it, I enjoyed watching the gathering together of the main characters onboard the enterprise.

    The only character I had (and still do) a bit of trouble accepting in their role, was sylar as spock, I kept waiting for him to start killing people and nicking their powers lol.

    EDIT: did anybody else find themselves trying to type the characters through the film? :p
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    I loved it! It had humor, character and levity in addition to the fights and explosions. Which makes me think George Lucas should watch it so he can understand why he sucks.
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    I've just seen it and I thought it was awful.

    I can't even bring myself to criticise it.

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    I really want to see it! I'm not that big of a Star Trek fan (except for that Tribbles episode lol) but the trailers look awesome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quinlan View Post

    Not too impressed with Bana's bad dude though...
    Agree, he was uninspiring and I usually like him.
    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    I've just seen it and I thought it was awful.

    I can't even bring myself to criticise it.
    That just means you loved it didn't you. It's okay Victor, we're all friends here, you can cry.

    I really, really enjoyed it. Never much of a trekkie but I find myself completely hooked. I have a hetero man crush on Spock [big surprise I know].

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    I saw it last night, and I enjoyed it - certainly enough that I'd go see a sequel, if they were to make one (and, come on... that was the whole point of the "reboot"). I thought that the storyline fit in well enough with established Trek story methods, and all of the little inside references were pretty fun (especially to the color red and the old red-shirt-of-death).

    *minor spoiler alert*

    Characterwise, I thought it was *okay*. Everything seemed a little too exaggerated for me. There was very little subtlety in the characterization, and introducing all of the main characters, although fun, seemed rushed. I know that the characters are all much younger in this film than in any of the previous shows/movies, but it seemed *too* overdone that way. While some of the characters (Kirk, Spock, Sulu) seemed at least close to their traditional characters, others (Uhura, McCoy, Chekov) seemed very different and not altogether plausible. The "bad guy" was eminently forgettable, but other than Ricardo Montalban's Khan, that's pretty normal for Trek - it's almost always about the crew, not the bad guys.

    Although I enjoyed it, it didn't altogether *feel* like Star Trek of old. It felt like... a Michael Bay boom-boom Star Trek with Abrams flashy but superficial-characterization (Yeah, I know it's not fair to compare the new cast with one that was established over the course of three seasons of TV and numerous films, but there you go). Even Star Wars Ep. 1 *felt* like Star Wars (even though the story and acting were horrid, the setting really *did* match well to Star Wars). This Trek didn't, nearly as much.

    *minor spoilers over*

    All in all, I liked it, and I think most of the people in the theater with me did too. It wasn't "old Trek" - but it has some potential for fun summer action movies with ties to the established Trek universe. Not sure what I'd rate it as, but I enjoyed it and am happy I paid to see it in the theatre, so that's what matters, I guess.

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    I liked it.
    As far characters being over done. People mellow with age.
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    Good acting, good story, surprisingly funny, very few slow parts, plenty of special effects and fighting. It makes the recent Star Wars movies look like boring crap.

    But I didn't like how Kirk/feelings kept winning out over Spock/logic. That always happens in movies!

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    I was watching BBC breakfast news the other morning and they had two 'people' on that had seen the movie. One was a guy dressed as a Klingon and the other was a guy that had converted his flat to look like the interior of the next generation enterprise (he's done a really good job on it). Unsuprisingly they both thought it was excellent.

    What amused me was when the presenter asked the Klingon if he'd gone to the cinema dressed like that he looked indignant and replied "I don't do that". But you don't mind being seen like that on national TV .... hmm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by persianness View Post
    It looked real basic/amateur on the trailer, didn't think much of it.

    ... Looks like I got to watch it.
    That's how I felt about it. The trailers have made the movie look like some awful actiony knock-off. Going to see it this evening. Changed my mind after my roommate's best friend saw it and liked it.

    Good to hear that most people like it. This may well be another example of poor selection with movie trailers in film promotion.
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