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    I honestly think that most healthy and mature NFs, especially ENFJ and INFJ, would stereotypically be the least likely to become megalomaniacs etc.

    As for SPs, the would become decadent
    Also, INT or ENT, doesn't matter. An inherent trait of being NT is that NTs may easily become quite full of themselves. Why on earth do you people think that all these MBTI forums on the interwebz raise the INTP and INTJ to the very heavens and such? It's done by INTPs and INTJs. Not all of you guys, just the ones that are being narcissistic.

    And yes, throwing rocks in a glass house again... Me? Speaking of megalomania!? Ridiculous!

    /Off to conquer the world with my mighty powers of manipulation

    Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come

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    I'm adverse to aquiring fame. But am quite capable of handling it as long as it's a kind of fame close to my heart.

    Few years back I was on tv and in the news because of a trial that was going on and I won that made quite a ruckus. It was related to funeral services and insurance companies pulling peoples financial legs greatly, I started marketing ads in the paper that compared my funeral service prices to those of other big funeral services, and my prices are all less then half of their price (And it's still very profitable) The thing is, the big funeral services want to have people take as high as possible insurance, and then they scale their prices to match the insurance policy of their customer. I was sued and eventually won the case, as a result some of the major funeral insurance companies literally lost out on millions in insurance money because of it. And as a result, the government has issued a 'keurmerk' for funeral services, which is like a quality mark that is audited by a third party company that checks to see if the business in question is following a strict and good policy. The fame I received from it I was able to handle easily. Without much care. As long as the fame is because of my opinions.

    I've also received quite a few unofficial threats that stroke my ego very delicatly.

    But there are tons of forms of fame I do not like one bit at all. Most any type of fame I hold no value in myself for example. I would totally hate that.
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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