This will be a series of "episodes" I experience with someone I came to know I named "Reality Girl" These episodes had a strong impact and made many changes in me as to I see reality

It all started with a "chance" meeting with a certain girl. She was very beautiful and we only talked for a few moments, but when I looked into her eyes, there was something different there. Hard to explain, but I couldn't forget it. Later that day, I was sitting in my garden, and I "chanced" to see a yellow caterpiller crawling on a tree trunk. I watched with entranced delight, and it seemed to stop and look back at me, and I felt this weird feeling like it had eyes that were like the eyes of the girl I had met, and my mind went into a sort of altered state of beingness. I couldn't see or hear and really all my 5 senses seemed to be gone. It was something like being in a dream, but it wasn't a dream. I could feel emotions though, very intense emotions. Some like I had never ever felt before. Inexplicable, but wonderous and rapturous! In this strange state of being, I saw the caterpiller drop from the tree and disappear into pure nothingness. I felt so sad, but then appeared a beautiful rose at the trunk of the tree and peered at me, and it was the same as the girl and the caterpiller, and I thought "O this cannot be" and with that very thought the rose disappeared and I returned to normalcy, but I wasn't so fond of being normal as I used to be!

I woke up the next morning very happy, but it seemed like something had changed in me. I didn't know what, but something. The day went well, and later on in the evening I sat out in the garden again, and thought about what "seemed" to have been an hallucination of sorts (although the "seeming" magic of the moment was cetainly difficult to remove from my memory). I was hoping something similar would happen again, but although everything was so tranquil and peaceful and happy, there was no hoped for re-occurance of the experience. That night though, I had some very strange dreams...

Chances don't just happen
they happen for reasons
just like trees grow and drop leaves in
their various seasons

Eyes don't just glow and entrance
they enhance the very world around them
and envelope the very same world
that has no power to entrap them...