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    You mean it's too lacking in drama for your liking? Go watch a soap, then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksei View Post
    You mean it's too lacking in drama for your liking? Go watch a soap, then.
    Thanks. I mean that the element of surprise is lacking because I can tell what happened, who did it and how things are going to go way before they actually get there. I really do like the show but it was surprising and made me wonder what was up because I don't think it is me. Silly me for actually wanting to be intrigued by the plot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky is BLUE! View Post
    Thanks. I mean that the element of surprise is lacking because I can tell what happened, who did it and how things are going to go way before they actually get there. I really do like the show but it was surprising and made me wonder what was up because I don't think it is me. Silly me for actually wanting to be intrigued by the plot.
    I agree, this last season fell flat, dragged on, and built poorly like most procedurals; unlike the more sophisticated running storyline shows. I didn't have everything figured out, but I wasn't necessarily surprised because I really didn't care by the end of the season. I still love Bruno Heller as a creator and I'm still going to keep watching The Mentalist until it bores the hell out of me and it's no longer worth watching like CSI.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paisley1 View Post
    Simple answer, Jane is INFJ because he's always in his head and he's always listening, and not thinking his thoughts out loud. ENTP's come to their conclusions by saying them, not internalizing them, the whole Ni versus Ne differentiation. He's DOMINANT Ni and that's it, it's simple really. Patrick Jane has to tell someone what he's already come up with and share what he already knows (his step ahead), whereas an ENTP will discover the answer by talking it through. INFJ is subtle, and ENTP is overt, and Jane is the former.

    ENTP's pick the brains of their peers for everything and make their next move by asking everyone for advice in a group, wheras Jane is off on his own all the time, doing his own thing always a step ahead with his intuitive leap (like Columbo playing dumb), always wanting to isolate the group from what he's doing and manipulate situations away from the group, without their consent, all by himself, like the loner INFJ. "With" the group, but not "of" the group. He's a very typical INFJ in already coming to a conclusion and then manipulating circumstances to prove the intuitive leap, while being very covert, subtle and unsuspecting, which is NOT a trait of ENTP's at all. ENTP's are too OVERT in their approach (not that INFJ's can't be), from what I've read and from experience. Notice how he lets people talk and will only interupt when a point is needed to be made? ENTP's are dismissive to everyone they think are dumb and not with the program and will go on and on and on, and Jane is not like that, he hears everyone out, as that's the whole way of uncovering the truth, by listening.
    Notice how he won all that money when he went gambling, and then thoughtfully bought everyone something they wanted, and then anonymously donated the rest to charity? Super INFJ loner mentality where money isn't as important as the greater good, a means to an end, not an end in itself. Patrick Jane also avoids argumentation and debate and attempts to replace it with dialogue and discussion when talking to his peers, but allows chaos and debate when talking to suspects. The strong differentiation between those who are with me and how I treat them and those that are suspect.
    Finally, back to my main point towards INFJ is the dominant Ni and secondary Fe and prophetic characteristic that goes in hand (probably what you were first thinking IDK) with all INFJ's!

    So Jane can be summed up in Ni, loner, can't let go of the past, listener, idealist, giving, simplistic, quiet, in headspace, empathetic, relational system analyzer, can't be fooled, humanitarian.
    This analysis of Jane sounds pretty convincing. His whole character is based on intuitive leaps, so he must have dominant intuition. Also Fe as auxiliary or tertiary. Based on his overall behaviour, either INFJ or ENTP, as has been stated. Some things make him seem quite ENTPish though.

    I don't know if Jane is that quiet. He seems quite detached, but is talkative when it's useful. I don't know if he is that idealist or humanitarian either. He used to be a fake psychic medium!!?? Jane uses, and seems to enjoy using, ethically questionable tactics against suspects. He also seems to have kind of a rebellious attitude towards fellow cops, he seems to easily go against rules. He also behaves in eccentric ways. Are these behaviours more ENTP or INFJ?

    I am not quite sure if ENTPs "need to ask an opinion for everything from the group". Probably ENTP would not see the point of keeping your train of thought to yourself, but this is a tv show, where the suspense has to be maintained until the end of episode, so the character couldn't just ponder everything with the group. Also, if an ENTP would be a investigator, he wouldn't dismiss the suspects, at least not until he has got from them the information he wants.

    I don't know, ENTP seems to be as good possibility as INFJ.

    for other characters I would guess:
    Lisbon xSTJ
    Cho ISxJ
    Rigsby ESTP
    Van Pelt ISxx

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    I agree on Jane being INFJ
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    Jane- INFJ
    Lisbon- ISTJ
    Cho- INTJ
    Rigsby- ESTP
    Van Pelt- INFP-Si

    Cal- ISTP-Ni
    Foster- ESFJ
    Torres- ENFJ
    Loker- INFJ-Ti
    Reynolds- ISTJ
    Emily- ISFP-Ni (mature for her age)
    Zoe- ENFP-Te

    Jane: ENTP vs. INFJ; Ne vs. Ni; Aux. Fe vs. Tert. Fe. You can see in his smile that Fe is in his top two functions. Also, almost every plot is an example of of his Ni-Fe-Ti-Se apparatus. Se, picking up on the subtleties of his surroundings, and Fe, reading people's emotions and motives, feed his Ni with the clues that allow him to make Ni leaps, identifying the guilty party and (Ni+Ti) plotting a means of revealing their guilt. Where do people see Ne? Because he's an N? Try to give evidence of Ne, you won't be able to; he listens to other's (Fe) but doesn't allow their opinions to shape his worldview (Ni) to the great annoyance of his coworkers especially the Si dom Lisbon.

    Cal: ISTP vs. ISTJ vs. INTP-Si; Se vs. Si; Ni vs. Ne. He clearly exhibits dominant Ti with his absolutely horrific Fe. I don't see why people assume he's an Si dominant (or even a user), probably has something to do with his tremendous store of facial expressions, as if no non-Si user could ever remember that much... Anyway, I see this as fairly obvious. He uses Ni very often, when plotting revenge or a way of revealing the suspect, but more often, he's using Se to take in all the physical cues and engaging in his very active approach: he's more often out in the field doing, as opposed to simply listing off facts and such. You can see his use of Ni fairly easily, for instance, in the episode with Cal's old friend forcing/manipulating him into playing poker for him and then helping him out even more ("Grievous Bodily Harm"). The entire show you're in the dark until you see him reveal his Ni strategy at the end, when he reveals that he had been deceiving his friend the entire time. That's actually cool because it's two Ni users using Ni against each other. Also, the feel of his facial coding system is more Se-Ni than Si-Te or Ti-Si, but I wouldn't commit to any argument about it; I think the other evidence is sufficient to show his type.

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