Fantasies over-ride and dreams enchant with lovely themes
beyond any thoughts that could be thought
The world bespeaks of right and wrong
and it seems to me to be that, "naw" it can't be that

So where does it all lead? Carried on by non-thoughts
with non-understandings, Moving along
carried along by the winds of the Universes' songs
Wandering on by letting loose of poor ego's wants

Maybe then there are new thoughts to be then thought?

So what it we were to let go of some of these ideas of rights
and wrongs? and of setting up these judgemental tones

May our minds become more relaxed and free?
After all, arent mystics sometimes too deeply in Love
with God or the Universe or Love itself to want to take
time to label and judge, and doesn't this keep them
in a more free-minded and ecstatic zone?